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Friday, May 25, 2007 

Trouble with my apartment rental management

I am subletting a place for the Summer and the place is supposedly "managed" by this management. Well clearly they are doing a terrible job at managing...

1. They have the least courteous staff (on phone) and otherwise too.

2. The dryer in the basement has been out of order for atleast two months (i.e. since i have seen it) and despite telling them about it for 6 times now they haven't done anything about it. And when you call them about it, they say "OK" .. ! So basically i have to walk to a laundromat to do the laundry despite paying for an apartment which is supposed to have a working laundry facility in the basement ! Being summer here these days, walking is manageable. I can't imagine that in the winter.

3. It seems they haven't paid the gas bill (supposed to be paid by management as a part of the leasing agreement). The gas company has put up a notice to shut down the service in a month ! Well i hope they take care of that immediately unlike the dryer.

4. There is something wrong in the piping of the basement. The water keeps leaking openly. Clear indication of the fact that management cares the least.

Now why am i writing this.

  • First, i think its quite probable that people would find this note here while googling around and be cautioned while choosing a management.

  • Second, i would like to know about your experience with rental managements in Pittsburgh. Put your notes in the comments.
Updated (May 30, 2007) : There is some update in this matter:
  • Clearly this post has been noticed. By the management company also. Anyhow, the proprietor called me up today to discuss this matter with a hint of legal action threat. Anyhow, there was also a hint of "lets talk about this". Also he did explain how things go wrong when you employ and work with people.

  • So, we agreed that he would get the dryer fixed and i would take off the name of the management company from my blog. (if you read this blog before, you must have noticed the changes). The dryer is fixed (atleast there is cable that goes into a plug, will test it when i use it next time). Lets see what happens with the other problems.

  • My thoughts about blogging about such issues coming up in another post.

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hello there - i found your post when i googled "lobos management" but didn't see the name of the company in the post. i'm sorry if this comment is going to get you into additional trouble. i lived in a lobos managed apartment for a year a few years ago, and it was the worst experience of my life. parts of the ceiling fell in, in the middle of the winter, there would be no heat for several days at a time. when i wrote a letter to the better business bureau, the owner of the company called me and made threatening remarks to me on the phone. they are thoroughly unprofessional, and you have my utmost sympathy.

please go to ripoffreport.com and post about these horrible people! They are not HUMAN! You will see many posts on ripoffreport, and the Sobols can't have them removed like other sites!

heh. this is fun. now if i link to your post with "lobos management" on my referring text, google is going to find it anyway!

I submitted a security deposit and first months rent to Lobos prior to actually signing a lease to move in. I couldn't agree to the terms of the lease and they are retaining the security deposit, which I technically agreed to when I signed the application. The first month's rent, however, was promised to be refunded to me. That was a few weeks ago and the check has yet to arrive. I've called several times since, yet no one returns any of my calls and today the receptionist was interruptive and even laughed at me when I told her no one was returning my calls and I would continue to call. She then hung up on me.

hi, lobos rents to many students at pitt and rips them off. i was not a student, but working 28 year old who just happened to be living in a an apt they had purchased and had the unfortunate experience of being a tenant of their company for the duration of my lease. they are a wretchid bunch! they also threatened to sue me for a bunch of online posts that were made by tenants of other apartments as well as posts made before they even bought my building! ridiculous! Oh, and LOBOS = SOBOL , as in Ron Sobol, former attorney. I guess he thinks because he was once and attorney he can continue outside the jurisdiction of the courtroom to make his own laws.
with this said, students should be soliciting any of their Pitt Law friends to take on this company! What a great opportunity for students to fight back against a true slumlord. this company preys on people who don't understand their own rights. so unless you have a lawyer, or a friend who pretends to be your lawyer, you will probably never get your security deposit back.

I think I need to get in touch with you. I"m currently a tenant of these people and I've taken some actions against them. they didnt really like that. I'm working on getting some coverage for this, and getting lots of people involved. Its time they get whats comming to them. anyone with info other than yourself please email me at- JBeury05@gmail.com

I can tell you all as a former employee of Lobos they treat their employees as bad as ther tenants. The reason nothing gets fixed is they have 5 or 6 maintenance people and hundreds of unuts. They are to cheap to hire any more I would starve before i would work for them again they are the lowest people i ever met in my life

If 7 comments are not sufficient, have a look at http://underemployedasusual.blogspot.com/

Also try to google for Lobos Management or Ron Sobol and you'll have plenty of information to make a judgement about this management company in pittsburgh.

Hi there:
I totally agree with you about their bad management. My friends live there and just a week ago, we had a very big argument with Lobos. My friend lived in a studio and he waited for 6 months to get the laundry machine done in their townhouse. The worst things happened few weeks agao:
1. He got a leakage in his ceiling. Whenever it snows or rains, he needs to put out a bucket to catch the water. Sometimes he has classes, so when he got home his carpet and stuffs got wet and damaged. He called for the repair. The lady answering the phone always says : "We'll send people over." (no one ever came)
2. His room got break in by squirrels, and they left feces everywhere in his room. The squirrels bit the screen windows and he reported about that several weeks ago. They just simply asked him: "Shut your windows will be fine" (What kind of answers is that??) This time, squirrels broke in through a hole in his closet. He called and the same lady answering all the time just laughed, and said the same stupid thing : we'll send people over. (no one came)
We look up on school's webpage, and found that animal feces are considered hazzards because it might have contagious virus or something. I helped him call to the Lobos, and they just HUNG UP on me. My poor friend can't go home because there were feces everywhere. He needed to stay at others' living room. If you pay almost 650 for a studio, would you want to live like this?
There are several things you can do:
1. I called the Department of Health and reported it as an emergency. Also, leave them the name and contact number about my friend and Lobos.
2. I called 311(the mayor's line) reporting there is a violation of building codes (leaking ceiling)
3. Make sure u took pic of every damages and everything. I wrote a letter (it's like a notice) to Lobos. Tell them that if they don't do anything to fix the problem, we'll try to terminate the contract. But before you do this, u have to make sure that u really have other place to move...
Sorry to write tooo much about this!! But this is really a bad experience for international students. I really hope that there won't be any bad thing happened to others in the future. Good luck!!!

I would loke to get together with anyone who has been ripped off by this company and see what we can do collectively to stop them! what they are doing is not write! if you are interested email me at doyouever@live.com

They count on people believing that they can and will sue. Talk to someone who knows law and get all the info. They're just being bullies. It's intimidation BS, imo.

Great. I am entering in a lease for this coming school year with Lobos. I am glad to read this post and all the comments so I am aware what I am in store for. Fortunately, I have a relative who is a lwayer and has been reviewing the terms before we sign it. I will rememebr this. Much appreciated.

I have rented from Lobos Management for 14 years and have to say they are the best management company I have ever dealth with.
I have lived around the globe and so far no one (62 yrs old) has come close to heir professionalism and sincerity.
Take every comment with a grain of salt. Don't forget the ones who usually post are the ones who have had a bad experience.

I have reason to believe that Lobos exploits people who are easy targets.

A 62 yr old might be not be that. Sobol has infact given me references to people ("professors at CMU" in his words) who would vouch for him.

But from the point of view of the demographic i have seen (and i have seen plenty being an active member of student community) Lobos management does find targets and those are not exceptions, they are the norm in the demographic i am talking about.

Its just that some of them are smart, so they try to minimize their losses and headaches in dealing with Lobos.

Ron and Lori Sobol are both FORMER attorneys. Lori threatened me in an email-FUCK HER and her horse face brother. I stuck it to them good & if they try to do anything to me I'll report them to the State Bar. They are both SCUMBAGS and are lower than human form. DO NOT rent from these assholes-you will regret it.

I currently rent from these people. And, I agree with all of the "negative posters"! They do not fix anything! My ceiling above my bedroom window has rotted and leaks . I requested a repair in July of 2008 it is now January 2009 it is not fixed! If they think they are going to give me a hard time when it's time for me to move out. I will inflict severe physical harm to either of them. Stay away from Lobos Management properties!! Want to sue me Lori or Ron, don't bother! You don't scare me!! So don't threaten me cause I'll come right back at you...twice as hard!!! A current tenant.

I'm pretty sure the unnamed management you have it on this blog is "LOBOS MANAGEMENT INC." owned and managed by the SOBOL Family. I've been living in one of their rental units for 2 years now. Why I re-signed the lease after the 1st year remains a mystery even to me. But, I just wanted to warn the general public to NEVER EVER lease any apartments that's associated to the name "Lobos Management" or the phone number "412-441-1400". They are the so called SLUMLORDS. Needless to say, they are the WORST management company. Just google "Lobos Managment" and you can read for yourself.

Agree with the negative posts as well. They have lost checks, not fixed appliances, are extremely rude and disrespectful to tenants. Some Lobos employees have hung up on me when I try to report a problem. If you report them to the BBB or Attorney Generals office, you will get rude phone calls from the owner who then goes ape!@#$ on you. Extremely unprofessional and need to be investigated. We will not be renting again next year and will tell all our friends to stay away from this management company that clearly needs to live in one of their own units so they can understand what it's like to have the "shoe on the other foot." Do unto others, as you would have done unto you.

They're insane, the Sobols. I was cursed out by them and threatened and hung up on constantly. Nothing was ever fixed. I can't believe they're still in business. They're sad, miserable people.

I would love to know how much all of you are paying for your apartments....all these complaints!! This happens at every property, you cant just take people to court for a simple maintenace problem or being rude...chk your law book! you get what you pay for! if u pay 400 a month you get that..if you pay 1000 a month you get what you pay for understand!! Wow!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree that Lobos prices are slightly lower than other "company" managed ments. I paid $450 for the apartment i rented from Lobos. It was a studio (kitchen, bath and 1 large room) and price was going to be increased the year i was leaving.

However, that price is costlier than any of the other apartments i have rented in Pittsburgh ($400-$425) including the one i am in currently which is a full 1 bed room (living room, bedroom, kitchen and bath). All of these are with private home owners.

So, if anyone thinks Lobos has the most economical apartment, they are wrong. And the price Lobos offers apartment + the headache, its definitely not worth it.

Rohit, having serious problems with these folks and want to take action. Noticed your original post was a few yrs ago so want to know what you did to make them do their job. Can you email me @ moveon2010@live.com They seem to have free reign to act like this in Pittsburgh and I for one want to put an end to it.

As yet another former employee, I strongly discourage any and all of you who are considering renting an apartment from Lobos Management or the managing "Sobol" partners. They are a corrupt entity, using and abusing not only their tenants, but their employees as well. Their lack of business ethic and professionalism would be vouched for by both past and current employees, as their company's terrible reputation preceeds them. They over-work and underpay their staff, some of which are illegal immigrants, speaking little to no English. Do yourselves favors and heed the warnings on this page- save yourselves the time, energy and frustration you will inevitably endure and pay the extra dollar to rent from a respectable, established company; a company that values people for their basic rights as humans and not just disposable objects or sources of dirty and greedy financial gain. The Sobols' operation is a complete and utter embarassment to Pittsburgh business practice and ownership, simply put.

Comprehensive information about Lobos Management's criminal activity w.r.t renting apartment in the Pittsburgh region can be found at http://lobosmanagementsucks.com/

I have lived with this company for 2 years going on 3 now. In the first 2 years there were only minor problems that were actually fixed in a timely fashion. Then last Wednesday our hot water went out. We are going on over a week now without hot water. I know a few people in the building and we call daily. We have been told, "we had to order a part." Its absurd. We received no notification of the problem, no updates, no nothing. They're terrible. The people who answer the phones now are actually somewhat nice now, but you know when it comes down to it nothing is being done. I used to be one of those people who took the negative posts, "with a grain of salt." I defended them. That is no more.

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Umm....is this a Sobol family member or friend??? Their shitheads! Disgusting slumlords! I have their threats on recording. They will be brought down!!

I'm so sad - I have a new renovated place but want out!!! Does anyone know how I can do this. I never got a copy of the lease. Convent. I loathe every time my phone rings from them.

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